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White sage

White sage

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Purification with sage is a ritual of burning sage leaves or incense. The smoke produced after burning will be directed to the area that needs cleaning and purification. These light smokes will first absorb the negative atmosphere of people or objects in the entire space. When the smoke falls to the ground, it can take away all the negative energy, leaving a refreshing positive energy.​White sage is not easy to ignite, because when it is ignited, it will purify and absorb a large amount of negative energy around it. You can use a long-mouthed musket to lighter or light a small candle to continuously give flame energy. First light the leaves, with the leaves facing down and the poles facing up. When it burns, the smoke is black, and then it turns into white smoke. You can judge the negative energy around you based on the thickness of the smoke.​ White sage is an evergreen perennial shrub native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. It is mainly found in coastal sage bushes in Southern California and Baja California, and is mainly grown in coastal desert areas of California. White sage is praised for its powerful aromatic properties, and this plant is a valuable crop all over. Native Americans would use white sage seeds, mixed with wheat or put in biscuits, the stems and leaves are also edible. Some aborigines also make tea from the roots, which is used for women to supplement their physical fitness after childbirth. Native American tribes burn dried leaves and use the smoke produced in purification ceremonies.​For thousands of years, American Indians have been using it for stain purification and cleaning. White sage leaf is recognized as the plant with the strongest purifying effect among all sage species. It has a strong smell when incense and is suitable for purifying residential spaces.
When in use, a bundle of blades can be disassembled for use. It is suitable for body cleaning and house cleaning. It is currently the best material for removing negative energy.
White sage purification program
1. Since ignition will produce dense smoke, open the windows before purifying. After purification, the negative energy released by the smoke can be dispersed out of the window with the wind.
2. Prepare a small plate and hold it in your hand for catching ashes.
3. Ignite the tip of the white sage leaf and extinguish it immediately after catching fire. At this time, the white sage will begin to emit smoke with a unique smell, which has a purifying effect.
4. Clean yourself first, and then clean up other surrounding debris.
5. Waving white sage in the place you want to purify, and draw the smoke to the place you want it to go, especially in corners, places where debris is piled, places where you often stay, and gates or entrances. a little.
6. Pray while lighting: Thanksgiving plants, fireworks and all gods, and ask them to remove all negative energy. When you are used to being grateful for everything in the world, you can drive other forces of nature to be more willing to help you.
7. Go around the space in a counterclockwise direction and stay in some usually darker corners for a while to let the smoke flow in that quiet area.
8. Make sure that all the plant materials you use will slowly ignite and turn into light smoke. The amount of fire must be controlled during ignition so as not to affect breathing. If you find that the smoke disappears for no reason, you need to check whether there is airflow or other problems in the surrounding environment that prevent you from igniting.
9. From time to time, tap the white sage on the edge of the plate to let the ashes from the tip of the leaf fall onto the plate. Tap the ashes to keep the white sage burning, otherwise too much ash at the tip will cause the white sage to go out.
10. Gently pour smoke on the person, object or space to be cleaned. You can simply use your fingers to gently touch the object to be cleaned without touching it.
11. After the end, you can smoke the periphery of your body and purify yourself by the way to prevent your body from absorbing the negative energy released by other objects.
12. Purify the top of the head (high space), because sometimes negative energy will accumulate on it, especially when the brain is used too much or the crown chakra is not smooth.
13. Extinguish the white sage: When finished, put out the white sage on the plate. Store the extinguished white sage in a dry place and wait for the next use.
14. If the white sage gets damp because it has not been used for a long time, it can be dried outdoors before use!

White sage is more natural than incense, without any added, suitable for you who are frank, casual, natural, free and true.

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