VITACIG® Excalibur - Max Menthol Capsule 冰爆薄荷膠囊
  • VITACIG® Excalibur - Max Menthol Capsule 冰爆薄荷膠囊

    Product description: 

    VitaCig ® Max Menthol delivers Maximum arctic blast experience. Perfect for smokers, who are looking to replace that nicotine kick, as well as for those who suffer from allergies, sinus issues, and chest tightness. VitaCig ® Max Menthol will blast open your nasal passages and give you that refreshing lift you need to get you through the day. Lastly, pucker up with confidence, as VitaCig ® Max Menthol acts as the perfect natural minty breath freshener.   


    When to use: Perfect any time of the day when you want to feel vitalized and refreshed.

    *Warning: Very strong flavor experience. First few puffs inhale slowly. Takes time for your lungs to adjust.


    Aromatherapeutic effect:
    The refreshing aroma of mint invigorates and revives the senses. Eucalyptus oil sooths and relaxes muscles, relieves pain, and calms the mind. The health benefits of Eucalyptus are credited to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, decongestant, stimulating, and other medicinal properties. Peppermint is well-known for its ability to aid in digestion and soothe an upset stomach, as well as improve mental focus and act as a natural energy-booster. Open the doors of your lungs to the cool, crisp, refreshing, therapeutic, cold arctic air, right in the confines of your own home with VitaCig ® Max Menthol Edition.



    Vitamin A:

    900 ug

    Vitamin B6/12:

    2 mg

    Vitamin C:

    60 mcg

    Vitamin D:

    400 IU

    Vitamin E:

    30 IU

    Other ingredients:

    Peppermint, Eucalyptol, & Mint Oils, Menthol, MaxVG , Distilled Water



    VitaCig®Max Menthol提供最大的北極爆炸體驗。非常適合希望替代尼古丁踢腿的吸煙者,以及患有過敏,鼻竇問題和胸悶的人。 VitaCig®Max Menthol將爆炸您的鼻腔通道,並為您提供讓您度過一天所需的清新提拉力。最後,VitaCig®Max Menthol可以作為完美的天然薄荷薄荷口氣清新劑,讓您倍感放心。





    薄荷的清新香氣使人恢復活力。桉樹油舒緩和放鬆肌肉,減輕疼痛,並使心靈平靜。桉樹的健康益處歸因於其抗炎,抗菌,防腐,減充血,刺激和其他藥用特性。薄荷以幫助消化和舒緩胃部不適,改善精神專注力以及充當自然能量促進劑而聞名。使用VitaCig®Max Menthol Edition,在自己家裡的範圍內,向涼爽,清新,清新,治療性的北極寒冷空氣打開肺門。




    維生素B6 / 12:2毫克


    維生素D:400 IU

    維生素E:30 IU



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